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As the sole pizzeria in Québec with a Guinness Award Winning Pizzaiolo as a partner, LìOLà is destined for success. LìOLà provides franchisees a unique opportunity to become part of a successful and growing family-owned pizzeria that delivers a true Italian dining experience from “Antipasti” to “Dolce”.

If you are motivated in building a successful business, have a genuine passion for food and looking to collaborate with a team of serial entrepreneurs, then LìOLà could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Wherever you go, you will always come back to the place you feel most at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant management experience is surely an asset, however it is not an essential requirement. Qualities deemed most important to LìOLà is an appetite to learn, an entrepreneurial spirit and excellent customer service skills. Our team will fully support you in determining an optimal location, providing in-depth training, and providing local contractors to build & design LìOLà Pizzeria.

Your initial franchise fee to acquire a license for a Lìolà Pizzeria is $40,000. With this investment, you will receive your initial training, development support and assistance and operating manuals necessary to start up the pizzeria. Your total investment will vary depending on many factors such as size and location. Please contact for further details.

The current Royalty fee is 5% of gross sales which provides you with the ability to use the Lìolà Pizzeria brand as well as support and continuous R&D .The current marketing fee is 2% of gross sales, which provides you with brand recognition and growth. A 1% of gross sales is required by every franchisee to be spent on local advertisement i.e., local newspaper.

Return on investment varies and depends on how efficient you are to run the business and control all factors such as labor and costs of goods. Outside elements are also factors, such us competition, inflation, local economy etc.

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