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LìOLà… Si torna sempre qua.

Wherever you go, you will always come back to the place you feel most at home. This parable has proven true for married serial entrepreneurs Anna Giampà and Matteo Fiorilli.

She was a little girl raised in food service. This formative experience taught her to both appreciate fine food and to share this passion with others. He was also raised in a family business; one that put work ethic and customer satisfaction before all else. Together, they are the founders of LìOLà Pizzeria and in their eyes, nothing has changed: when you walk into this restaurant you become a part of the family. In fact, the name is at the heart of the pizzeria’s story; the creation of a place where everyone feels at home, and where they will always come back to.

The LìOLà family includes Alessandro Mosca, a Master Pizzaiolo and certified pizza-making instructor. Alessandro is a regular participant and record holder in Guinness World Record pizza competitions, and a partner in the restaurant. He has coached the LìOLà team on everything pizza-related, from preparing traditional Neapolitan pizzas to creating extraordinary and unique pizza combinations. Alessandro hails from Naples, his experience is passed down by family traditions and 3 generations of Southern Italian pizza and pasta makers.

From the old-school Neapolitan pizza, cooked in an aromatic wood burning oven to the gelato and Amaro digestif that will finish off your meal, LìOLà Pizzeria always delivers an authentic gastronomical experience.

Of course, the LìOLà family could never be complete without YOU: our beloved customers. We look forward to writing the next part of our story with you as protagonists!

LìOLà…si torna sempre qua.

Guinness Pizza World Records

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