You may have noticed a rise in vegan and vegetarian restaurants and food options. There is a reason for this spike in popularity, as plant-based foods are known to be healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more sustainable food choices compared to meat. A lot of work has gone into creating a tasty plant-based meat replacement, that these foods are no longer seen as only being for vegans. Meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans have tried plant-based foods for their many benefits. LìOLà Pizzeria is happy to announce that in addition to our original menu, we are now offering a full vegan menu. We continue to serve clients who love traditional protein, but we are also excited to now serve our vegan and vegetarian community, as well, and people who are just curious to try plant-based foods!

Health was one factor that sparked our interest when creating our vegan menu. Plant-based eating is associated with better health because consuming too much regular meat can have negative effects on our overall well-being, such as higher cholesterol. Although our pizzas with meat are made with authentic and high-quality ingredients, it could be an option to choose from our vegan menu every now and then to add some variety to your diet while enjoying the similar great taste.

Another reason as to why LìOLà Pizzeria has developed vegan pizza and other vegan menu items was for environmental reasons. Many people do not realize the negative impact that consuming meat has on our planet. For example, the meat industry produces a lot of harmful waste and consumes a large amount of water. In this regard, plant-based eating is an option that can help solve some of these environmental problems. Lastly, creating a vegan menu is in line with our long-term goal of transitioning into a sustainable restaurant. A sustainable restaurant is one that has practices that help to protect and support society and the environment. We believe that adopting a vegan menu can overall increase the sustainability of our restaurant by serving fewer meat dishes, saving natural resources, and offering healthier options to our customers.


Some vegan options to get excited about are our Fiumicino Pizza with our classic tomato sauce, mushrooms, olive oil, and of course, our new plant-based vegan sausage. You can also enjoy the Savona Pizza, with a delicious mix of fresh sautéed mushrooms and truffle sauce, or our award-winning Rimini Pizza, topped with avocado, coriander and Italian hot peppers. Some of our popular pasta dishes are now available as vegan options as well; our gnocchi offerings are made from a base of quinoa, topped with either a tomato or pesto sauce. Vegan pasta and vegan pizza dishes are also available on the kids’ menu, and we also provide the option to add a vegan protein to one of our fresh salads.


LìOLà Pizzeria takes pride in creating new and innovative pizzas, pinsas and other Italian favourites for you. We hope that with the addition of these new menu items, vegetarians and vegans will feel more included- because everyone should be able to enjoy LìOLà Pizzeria’s amazing pizza! As for the meat lovers out there, our original pizzas are still on the menu, but who knows, you may also become a fan of plant-based pizza!  See our menu here!

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