If you have been following LìOLà Pizzeria on our Instagram and Facebook  pages, then you may have already heard the exciting news. Lìolà is thrilled to announce that we are expanding off the island of Laval, and that our very first franchise location will be opening in the month of September! The special location selected to house our wood fire oven and heavenly pizza is in Mile End! To get all of you pizza lovers as excited as we are about this big news, we decided to dedicate this blog post to our second home. 

Here are three reasons as to why LìOLà Pizzeria loves the Mile End!


  1. Naturally, one reason we were drawn to this area was because of its impressive food culture. By simply strolling through the area, you can see people holding coffee cups from popular cafés, or in the summer holding ice cream cones from nearby shops. The Mile End also caters to Montrealers with specific diets, as this part of town boasts some of the city’s most well know vegan spots. This is why LìOLà Pizzeria in Mile End has decided to introduce an environmentally friendly vegan menu alongside our traditional one. Last but not least, the Mile End is where you can also taste some of the best bagels in town! It seems all that is missing is authentic Neapolitan-style wood oven pizzas! Luckily, Lìolà Pizzeria will be there soon to serve all Mile End pizza lovers! Make sure to check out our lunch express specials for when the pizza cravings kick in around noon, as well as our unique pizzas for specific diets. We are proud to offer many vegetarian options, as well as delicious vegan pizzas, as well as our Pinsa Romana dough, which contains less gluten, no cholesterol, and less fat and calories than conventional pizza dough.
  1. Another reason we love the Mile End is due to the vibrant sights and sounds of the area. This neighbourhood is filled with beautiful spots, for instance, you can find purple, yellow, blue, and other colorfully painted houses that are iconic to Montreal. There are also many great parks nearby, and it isn’t hard to stumble upon some creative mural art painted alongside different buildings. You can also find a variety of unique shops, ranging from bookstores to vintage clothing boutiques. There is no better way to take in all the sights and sounds of the Mile End than with a drink on a terrace. The new Lìolà Pizzeria location has an impressive terrace that can seat up to X people, which is the perfect place to soak up the sun and have a pizza along with one of our refreshing cocktails while enjoying the view. The LìOLà cocktail menu and wine selections will be sure to add to customers’ dining experience.

1.Lastly, we admire the Mile End’s sense of community. This neighbourhood is truly a multicultural zone, as Hebrew, Greek, Portuguese and Italian Montrealers populated the area, with many of these cultural roots still visible here today. The Mile End is also a well-known place for artists of all types to come together, and it is just another reason why Lìolà Pizzeria is excited to join this neighbourhood and be able to contribute to this dynamic community.

Make sure to stop by for pizza, pinsa, pasta, drinks and more!

Customers can dine-in, order for delivery and take-out at anytime during opening hours. 

The new location will be opening soon! Stay in touch.


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