Are you familiar with the term “sustainability”? What does sustainability mean to you and do you think it is applicable in restaurants? Well, we sure think it can be if there’s a vision to achieve that!

The definition of sustainability basically means meeting your own needs without jeopardizing the resources of the next generation. It in fact encompasses much more than just environmentalism, and also includes social equity and economic development.

As a small business catering to the local community, the Neapolitan LìOLà Pizzeria truly believes it is its duty to help contribute, or at least improve on current practices implemented in most other Laval pizzerias and restaurants. Trying to set a good example in our community is the least we can do. In fact, the focal point of sustainability for small and larger businesses is not profit, but the ability to pay close attention to people in its community, as well as the businesses’ impact on the planet.

What does this have anything to do with running a sustainable pizzeria in Laval?  

The Sustainable Restaurant Association, located in London, suggests a series of focus areas for sustainable activities that touch upon different aspects of the day-to-day, as well as longer term goals. Let’s look at some of the ones LìOLà Pizzeria has started implementing in its Laval restaurant.liola logo

6. We celebrate local and seasonal suppliers

sustainable tomatoes

This is simple: “buy local” is the golden rule. This helps reduce the carbon foot print, and also helps maintain costs for the restaurant!  In addition, working with seasonal produce as much as possible in our menu, is a simple way to make our products taste better! Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients for our pizzas is one of the best ways to support other local businesses as well. We can proudly say that our fior di latte and buffalo mozzarella are all made in Quebec and that most of our produce comes from companies supplied by local farms.

5We create equal opportunities for all our employees

Did you know that part of the sustainability philosophy is providing, and having clear policies that lead to the staff’s greater productivity and happiness? How do we do this?We listen to them! We understand their needs and ensure they are met to the best of our capabilities. We also establish clear guidelines when it comes to equal opportunities within the LìOLà family and have a strict policy against any kind of harassment in the workplace.

4. We support our community

Where would we be without our community? We show our appreciation by supporting local initiatives like the Laval en Rires Festival, local school fundraisers, and sponsoring Laval sports teams and events. Our customers support our Laval pizzeria…and it is thanks to them that we are able to give something back.

3We feed people well  sustainable food

We understand what it means to eat well and eat healthy. We provide our patrons a choice of healthy meal options and our ingredients are nothing but fresh! To discover a list of healthy ingredients used to prepare a LìOLà neapolitan pizza…see a previous post we wrote specifically on the subject.

2.We reduce, reuse, and recycle

Another way to implement some sort of sustainability in any restaurant or home is by establishing a clear reduce, reuse, and recycle routine. We admit, this is not as easy as one would think, but it can be done! Staff training must be at the base of every recycling program, and management has to simplify this task by ensuring everyone has easy access to bins, and make sure staff truly understands what it means to “reduce” or “reuse” within a restaurant setting. This includes, using reclaimed wood, motion sensitive lights, paying close attention to water and electricity use, and printing menus on recycled paper!6

sustainable planet1.We will grow it ourselves…

A medium-term goal we have at LìOLà Pizzeria is to grow ingredients on our property! Greenhouses and rooftop gardens have been proven to reduce a restaurant’s carbon foot print, and help make the business a sustainable one.  Plans are in motion…so stay tuned!

One would think it difficult to become a sustainable Neapolitan pizzeria. The reality is, you don’t have to do everything at once, baby steps lead the way to bigger things…. and this is how WE begin

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