Top 5 Non-Food Ingredients You Must Have To Make An Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

A blog post about Italian pizza? Really? There is only so much one can write about when it comes to the famous Napolitan pizza pie…Not quite.

In researching this post we came across literally dozens of sites about Neapolitan-style pizza, pizza restaurants and the pizza industry, and all mostly focus on the ingredients, and the history of this much loved food. Sure, we might get to that in our upcoming posts as well, with a twist of course, but we have not yet found an article about what goes into the art of pizza-making.
Yes, we still firmly believe pizza-making is an art and that it can be taught to others who have the same passion as we do.
Yet, even before the careful selection of prime ingredients, there are some things you need to possess before attempting to become a home-grown Neapolitan pizzaiolo …..

Here are 5 non-food ingredients you need to make your neapolitan pizza experience unique.

Your Passion

Passion brings authenticity to the table. Maybe this can be said about many things, because doing anything without passion never leads to positive results. This is even more important if we consider cooking, or preparing and handling pizza dough. Just imagine the result of measuring selected ingredients and randomly putting them together “just because” you need to eat something. How many failed attempts at cooking have you experienced by doing this? Too much salt, too much garlic, too much….yikes!

You must take the time and enjoy the experience, enjoy the feel of the ingredients in your hands, and the smell of yeast and dough coming together. Passion.

Your Senses

All great neapolitan pizzaiolos will tell you they don’t have a recipe for their dough. It’s not because they want to keep their precious skills a secret, but rather because good pizza dough is very much about the senses. As we mentioned, the smell of the yeast, flour, and water coming together is already unique on its own. However, it’s what you feel under your finger tips that will tell you, more than any recipe, if your pizza dough is right. The human touch undoubtedly adds to the results!

Your Friends

What can be more motivating than cooking for others? In most cultures, important events are celebrated around a table, and often, cooking together can enhance the experience. We know friends and family are the best motivators when preparing a mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza. This is so, because you truly care about their opinion, but also, because in the end….their criticism is always altruistic.

Your Perseverance

If you are new at preparing neapolitan pizza from scratch you may have to attempt couple of times before making the ideal pizza dough. Like in anything you do, never give up on the first try! So many factors go into making a delicious pizza: the ingredients you use, the time you have, the temperature of the oven, just to name a few. It might be that you forgot to add that pinch of salt that some recommend, or that you forget to give the dough enough time to rise. The lessons you learn the first few times will only teach you to make a better neapolitan pizza the next. So persevere in your trials and you won’t go wrong.

Your Accompanying Drink

Ok, because drinks are not considered food, we felt this to be an important addition to the 5 non-food ingredients you need to make an excellent pizza. Why? Well, because the pairing of the perfect wine, or a thirst quenching cold beer can add so much to the pizza experience. Imagine the sensation of taking a bite out of a traditional Margherita pizza and following it down with a light red wine like the Montepulciano D`Abruzzo, or maybe pairing a pizza topped with sausage with a heartier Porter-type beer. The possibilities are endless. In fact, so endless, that we promise to come back to this with a blog post of its own.

May The Best Tasting Pizza Win

Although the quality of the ingredients you choose are fundamental in the final outcome, they are, in our opinion, not more important than the 5 we listed in this article. The human touch is essential in achieving the best result, and adding passion, friends and perseverance to the mix can only make for THE best tasting authentic Neapolitan-style pizza you can make.

Come visit us at LìOLà Pizzeria and discover what we mean!

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