Natural Healing Foods You Will Find On a LìOLà Pizza

Natural Healing Foods You Will Find On a LìOLà Pizza (Is pizza the new salad?)

What does one think of when we hear the word pizza? Maybe, depending on where the pizza is made, and perhaps your ethnic background, will influence the answer to this question. 

Although a staple in Italian culture, pizza has often received a bad rap due to the modifications it has undergone in more commercial and fast food versions. Random low quality cheeses, unidentified oils, and mass produced dough are all characteristics that would classify any food as junk food.

But what if we were to introduce you to a pizza most often consumed as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet? What if we were to tell you that pizza is the new salad, and can be considered just as nutritious? 

The quality of the pizza you are savouring will make a huge impact on how you view this delectable food. The quality of the toppings we choose to add to the pizza we serve at LìOLà Pizzeria will make you grateful for having chosen our pizzeria.

Besides providing highly digestible dough, did you know there are specific toppings on our pizzas that we know are good for your health?

Onions and Arugula

Ok, so not everyone loves onions, but boy are they good for you!  Did you know onions are considered a prebiotic food? They keep your gut healthy, and contain an antioxidant called quercetin that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Why add arugula to this paragraph?

When researching our menu options, we knew arugula had to be in there. Not only is it a staple in Italian cuisine, but it is also a member of the anti-cancer cruciferous family.  As a matter of fact, it is its chlorophyll content that is believed to help block pre-cancerous cells.

Where can you find both of these nutritious ingredients?

Our Cinque Terre Pizza has just the right combination of caramelized onions, arugula, and black olives. It’s one of our most popular  “pizze bianche” and it is always highly recommended by our customers.

Asparagus and Eggplants

We put these together because you will find both on one of our favourite pizzas at LìOLà.  Asparagus is another tricky pizza topping, but it does a body great as it helps regulate the bacteria in the gut…yes, another prebiotic food! In addition, it has anti-inflammatory virtues and has been shown to help absorb calcium. On the other hand, the eggplant’s dark purple color identifies this vegetable as a nightshade veggie, and high in antioxidants. Its variety of phytonutrients, like chlorogenic acid, is a true free radical fighter.

Where can you find it?

How do you feel about adding mozzarella di bufala to eggplant caviar, black olives and asparagus? Well, that pretty much sums up our Verona pizza. A true vegetarian delight!

Are avocados a fad or are they here to stay? Well, if something tastes this good and is good for you, it better be here to stay. Did you know that one cup of sliced avocado contains 14 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fatty acids, and 10 grams of fiber?

Where can you find it?

The Rimini pizza bianca is one that will truly surprise you. Not a common ingredient in Italian cuisine, the idea to add avocado on this pizza came from one of our co-founders. A fresh and slightly spicy topping, with the addition of coriander! A true twist on Italian tradition.

Olive oil

In Mediterranean culture olive oil is used as a base in almost every recipe, desserts too! It has been linked to healthy weight and cholesterol levels, and longevity. It also contains oleocanthal, which many consider to be important in decreasing inflammation levels in the body.

Where can you find it?
On almost every item in the LìOLà menu! That’s right, it is our go to oil and most of our recipes require a final drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for good measure.


The versatility of tomatoes in the kitchen is endless. From salads to sauces, they are pretty much served up with every meal in Italy. Thanks to its lycopene content, health experts are united in defining tomatoes as one of the most powerful antioxidant foods, and studies show they may even help promote brain health! Unlike some other foods, tomatoes do not lose their nutritious value when cooked.

Where can you find them?

On all our “pizze rosse” of course. We like to give our customers a choice when it comes to ordering their pizza, so we do offer the “pizze rosse” and “pizze bianche” selections….but let’s face it, what’s a Margherita pizza without tomatoe sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy?
Of course you will also find juicy red tomatoes in our fresh “Mista” and “LìOLà” salads.
You. Are. Welcome.
Long gone are the days when pizza was considered a junk food. We have come back to basics because that is how our ancestors did it. Fresh and nutritious toppings give a new definition to pizza these days, especially at LìOLà. True, authentic Mediterranean ingredients for a true authentic Napolitan pizza.

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