5 Reasons Why Neapolitan Pizza Should Be Your Cheat Meal

In a time when everything we do makes us feel guilty about not doing more for our health and our wellness, you might think that writing a blog advising you to eat more pizza is going against the tide. But what if we were to tell you to continue doing what you’re doing? Continue eating well; continue exercising, but just make pizza a part of the equation!  Pizza will help you achieve your wellness goals because it adds diversity to your food choices…and so much more.

Let’s be clear, we won’t be counting calories in this post, because time and time again, experts have realized that counting your calorie intake does not help the long term goal of being happy and feeling good about yourself.

This is what we aim to do at LìOLà Pizzeria in Laval every day! Satisfy your pizza and wellness needs…and put a smile on your face every time you visit.

So, why are the pizzas we offer at LìOLà Pizzeria a perfect cheat meal?

5.  You can add as much or as little as you want on your pizza

The great thing about pizza is that no matter  your pizza is that no matter your preference, there is always an option! After a week of eating salads, start the weekend off by rewarding yourself. Whether you plan to make a meal or a snack out of your favourite pizza, you can choose whatever pizza topping best suits your mood, or your needs for the day.

Planning to eat light?

The Napoli Pizza is always the best option…no cheese, only nutritious tomato sauce, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil. That’s it.

Think you need more protein?

If your body craves protein, remember, sausage is key. We’re not talking about pepperoni, but actual home-made, meat sausage. Like the one you can find on the Capri Pizza at LìOLà Pizzeria in Laval!

Maybe you’re in the mood to eat something green and in need of some calcium, folate, and a series of vitamins that go from A to K? 

Liola Roma PizzaThe Roma Pizza is for you! Blessed with fresh arugula, tomatoes, and fresh Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, we guarantee, your mood will change after tasting this one!

  1. You can share it

One of the most challenging things for our customers is deciding which pizza to choose from the menu. Let’s face it, a cheat meal is a cheat meal, and we don’t have to share, but sometimes making up your mind on what to cheat with can be mind boggling.

But if you are trying to be “good”, yet want the luxury of tasting a bit of everything LìOLà Pizzeria has to offer, than sharing the La LìOLà Pizza is your only option. It is a combination of 8 delicious varieties, the perfect cheat meal actually!

  1. It is healthier than most foods, and definitely healthier than most cheat meal options

Taking a quick look at what at the #cheatmeals on social media, all we really find are images of fried chicken, burgers smothered in sauces, fries, and a myriad of desserts. Really? Is that what a cheat meal should be? We beg to differ.

Consider Napolitan pizza; it has carbs, but it is not deep-fried, it has oil, but extra virgin oil, it is a large portion, but you can share it, it can have nutella on it, only if you wish it so, and you can literally top a focaccia with a salad!

  1. Its flavours are unbeatable because….Liola pizzeria mushroom pizza

Considering all we have written in number 3…no frying, healthy vegetable oils, topped with veggies…how can a Napolitan pizza taste so good? And why is quality and taste essential for a perfect cheat meal?

First of all, we must say that the method used to prepare Napolitan pizza is unlike others. Have you ever heard of the Napolitan slap? This technique is vital in the handmade preparation of the pizza dough. It is an essential component when dishing out a fresh smelling pizza crust you only get from a wood-burning oven.

This brings us to our second point: the wood burning oven. The flavours brought out by the natural maple wood LìOLà Pizzeria uses in its oven cannot be compared to the pizzas cooked in an electric oven. The added scents of natural wood coals and a 900 degree fire will win you over every time.

Flavours are essential to any long-term wellness diet, and if you are going to choose pizza as your cheat meal…it better be the best, award-winning pizza you can get your hands on.

  1. It can be vegan friendly

Liola Pizzera Vegan PizzaWhether you are a vegan by choice, or whether the doctor advised you to limit your intake of animal proteins, there is always a vegan option when it comes to pizza.

Sure, you can simply order a pizza without cheese or meat, but remember there is a reason why certain pizza topping combinations were chosen for a particular pizza. This is why it’s important for restaurants to have vegan pizza options on their menus! LìOLà Pizzeria offers just that…the award winning Rimini Pizza has quickly become a customer favourite, for vegans and meat lovers alike. Its slightly spicy avocado and coriander toppings provide just what the doctor ordered!

It is estimated that an average person thinks about food every 52 minutes. We are literally obsessed with food, and with so many unhealthy options readily available to us at every corner, if we must have a cheat meal, it better taste amazing AND not divert is from our wellness goals.

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